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Topic Date Title Author Format
Addiction 4 January 2005 Childhood Sexual Abuse and Age at Initiation of Injection Drug Use Ompad D; Ikeda R; Shah N; Fuller C; Bailey S;; Morse E; Kerdnt P; Maslow C; Yingfend W; Vhalov D; Garfein R; Strathdee S; pdf
Addiction 28 December 2003 The Origins of Addiction:Evidence from the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study Vincent J. Felitti, MD pdf
Addiction 3 January 2003 Childhood Abuse, Neglect, and Household Dysfunction and the Risk of Illicit Drug Use: The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study Shanta R. Dube, Vincent J. Felitti, Maxia Dong, Daniel P. Chapman, Wayne H. Gilesand Robert F. Anda pdf
Addiction 1 August 2002 Adverse childhood experiences, alcoholic parents and later risk of alcoholism and depression. Robert F. Anda, M.D. & others pdf
Addiction 3 November 1999 Adverse Childhood Experiences and Smoking During Adolescence Anda R; Croft JB; Felitti V; Nordenberg D; pdf