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Topic Date Title Author Format
Children 1 October 1985 Traumatic impact of Childhood Sexual abuse Finkelhor D; Browne A pdf
Children 1 January 1993 Impact of sexual abuse on children: a review & synthesis of recent empirical studies Kathleen A. Kedall-Tackett, Linda Meyer-Williams, David Finkelhor pdf
Miscellaneous and debates 1 January 1994 What does it mean to forget childhood sexual abuse: A reply to Loftus, Garry and Feldman Meyer Williams L pdf
Therapeutic issues 5 January 1995 Adults with a History of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Evaluation of a Pilot Therapy Service Smith D; Pearce L; Pringle M; Caplan R
Gender and violence 7 January 1996 Is there a correlation between childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence? Forman J pdf
Psychological effects 1 January 1997 Physical and sexual assault history in women with serious mental illness Usa A. Qoodman, Stanley D. Rosenberg, Kim T. Mueser, and Robert E. Drake pdf
Therapeutic issues 1 January 1998 Efficacy of Psychoeducational Group Therapy in Reducing Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Among Multiply Traumatized Women Hadar Lubin, M.D., Michelle Loris, Psy.D., John Burt, Ph.D., and David Read Johnson, Ph.D. pdf
Therapeutic issues 1 January 1999 The effectiveness of EMDR with adult female survivors of childhood sexual abuse Author: Tonya Edmond , Allen Rubin , Kathryn G. Wambach pdf
Therapeutic issues 3 January 1999 Towards Sensitive Practice: Issues for Physical Therpaists Working with Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Schachter CL; Stalker CA; Teram E pdf
Therapeutic issues 5 January 1999 Effects of Group Treatment for Women with a History of Childhood Sexual Abuse Talbot NL; Houghtalen RP; Duberstein PR; Cox C; Giles DE; Wynne LC pdf