Scottish Government Consultation on the Removal of the 3 Year Limitation Period From Civil Actions for Damages For Personal Injury for in Care Survivors of Historical Child Abuse

Thursday 9th July 2015

The Scottish Government has engaged with survivors of historical child abuse and a number of key stakeholders as part of the response to the InterAction Action Plan recommendation to “review the way in which time bar operates”. The circumstances of survivors of in care child abuse are sufficiently different from other cases involving personal injury to warrant a different approach to time-bar for those raising a civil action for damages in the Scottish courts. The Scottish Government therefore intends to remove the 3 year limitation period for civil actions in cases of historical childhood abuse that took place after 26 September 1964. A consultation on the removal of the 3 year limitation period from civil actions for damages for personal injury for in care survivors of historical child abuse has now been published and will run until Friday 18 September 2015.