National Confidential Forum

The National Confidential Forum (the Forum) has been set up as part of the Victims and Witnesses (Scotland) Act 2014. The Scottish Government has legislated for and funded the Forum to show the importance given to the experiences of adults who were in institutional care as children. However, the Forum operates independently from the government.

What people say at the Forum will form an important record about children in care in Scotland in the past. Anne Currie, the Head of the Forum, will write a report each year, so that everyone can find out what has happened over that year. Part of the report each year will cover how the Forum was run. It is very important to learn from those who take part about how they found the experience. All participants will be invited to give us feedback.

They hope to be able to identify lessons we can learn from the experiences of those who take part. The Forum aims to help ensure that children and young people in care will be safe in the future. The reports from the Forum and the recommendations will be based on the testimony of those who take part. These recommendations may talk about wider issues and problems. The testimony of individuals will always be confidential.

By giving your testimony you will have done a valuable service for people like you who were in care as children; for children today and in the future and for anyone who lives or has ever lived in care in Scotland.